Prayer Calendar February 6

Intention for today

That, as members of the Congregation of the Resurrec­tion, we may give glory to God by manifesting the presence of the Risen Christ to the world. (Art. 5)

Prayer of intercesion: We pray for

For our brothers in the Missions: in Bolivia, Brazil, Bulgaria and Tanzania.

For assistance in our efforts to exercise a preferential option for the poor.

For continued blessing on Rev. Antonio Motyka, CR, Regional Superior of the South American Region on the anniversary of his election to service in the Community.


Words of the Founder

O God, I ought to thank you for this throughout the rest of my life...Why did I return to the holy Catholic faith...? Because you, O merciful God, wished me to do so! Your grace alone accomplished this, and not any of my reasoning or merits or works... (Paris, 12/28/1834)