Prayer Calendar November 29

Intention for today

That we will have at heart the study of our Constitu­tions since we have obliged ourselves to live by these Constitu­tions and regard them as our Rule of Life. (Art.224)

Prayer of intercesion: We pray for

For increased fidelity to our religious vows and the Charism of our Congregation.

For deceased parents of members of our Congregation, and for our deceased benefactors.

For vocations to the Congregation of the Resurrection.


Words of the Founder

Our greatest responsibility today is to continue to work within ourselves in order to attain holy union with God. This is a task that is both spiritual and practical. Such work is sincere and quiet; it restores our being completely; it enables our life to influence the lives of others; it unites us with others in God and in Christ. (KW,127)