Process of Belonging – Discernment:

Vocational discernment is a process that helps to identify the Holy Spirit at work within individuals, i.e. askng where the Spirit is calling them, and determining how that call will be lived out. It is based upon a growing knowledge of what the Holy Spirit is currently doing in the life of an individual. The process of belonging invites us to ask such questions as: What is God’s will in my life? Where is God calling me? How will I know if God is calling me to religious life? To answer these and similar questions, time, prayer and discernment is required.

An individual honestly striving to discern God’s call will receive “hints” along the way: an open disposition to respond to God’s call … feelings of satisfaction, joy, happiness when considering religious life … a motivation for service … a desire for deeper spirituality … a love of God and God’s people … a hunger for God … a desire to live common life.

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