Who Should...?

Obviously someone at the beginning of the process of belonging will not yet have all the fully developed skills, graces and gifts required for living a healthy and fulfilled religious life – the development of skills, graces and gifts takes time, perhaps even a life-time. However, there are some qualities and skills sought in a person who desires to enter religious life.

The person needs to have sufficient physical and psychological health to enter into trusting inter-personal relationships both in religious community and with the laity, and have the energy to meet the demands of the active apostolate. The person needs sufficient intelligence to engage in the ongoing formal education needed to be effective in the apostolic ministries of the community. The person needs to be a fully initiated Roman Catholic male. The person needs to reveal faith in God’s unconditional life calling him to conversion and personal resurrection with Christ and a desire to deepen his spiritual life through daily prayer, both communal and personal. The person should have most, if not all, of the following traits that would assist him in participating in the common life and mission of the Congregation of the Resurrection:

  • Service … the ability and desire to minister with the poor.
  • Compassion … to have empathy for the sufferings of others.
  • Commitment … ability to follow through on decisions.
  • Sociability … ability to interact in healthy ways with others.
  • Leadership … ability to lead others by persuasion and example.
  • Equality … belief that all are created in the image and likeness of God.
  • Trust … do others consider them an honest person?
  • Attraction … attracted to the ministry of the Congregation of the Resurrection.
  • Goals … ability to set attainable goals and orient toward them.
  • Learning … is there potential to learn academically and experientially.
  • Meaning … does this persons belief system include God?