General Councilor Fr. Evandro visits seminary in Tanzania

Fr. Evandro 1

Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa, C.R., a general council member, after witnessing the first vows of the young Tanzanian Resurrectionists in Buhemba, Tanzania, travelled with Formation Director Fr. Andrzej Duda, C.R., to Morogoro to see the new seminary construction. In Morogoro they met with the Blessed Sacrament Sisters, whose house is adjacent to our seminary property. Construction of the chapel and residential building of our Resurrectionist seminary - as can be seen in the pictures - is progressing at a rapid pace. The first phase of work is scheduled to be completed by September 25, before the start of the academic year. We ask the Risen Christ to bless this work for the future of our work in Tanzania!


Posted on Aug 2016,

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Fr. Evandro
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