175th Anniversary of Janski's death remembered at Winnica

Archbishop Celestino Migliore, the Apostolic Nuncio of Poland, presided at a solemn concelebrated Eucharist on Saturday, June 13, commemorating the 175th Anniversary of the death of Servant of God Bogdan Jański at the parish church of his baptism, Our Lady Consoler of the Afflicted, in Winnica, Poland. The representative of the universal Church acknowledged that, "the truth of the Resurrection of Jesus dominated his life of conversion. The solemn celebration was attended by dozens of Resurrectionists.

In his homily Archbishop Migliore affirmed that he was impressed with how the Servant of God Bogdan Jański, who lived only 33 years, had truly experienced the reality of the resurrection. This experience was "most unusually vivid in his life and in his thinking". "The truth of the Resurrection of Jesus dominated his life of conversion, and was continued through the lives of his sons and daughters", emphasized the Vatican's representative. "After being martyred on the cross, Christ returned to his disciples, who were confused and full of anxiety, weak and disoriented, after having failed to stand by their Master at the time of trial", he related. As he further interpreted, however, this state passed quickly -- Jesus transformed the life of man, giving each person a new nature: his disciples, from being weak and fearful were transformed into courageous witnesses; and St. Paul, the persecutor, became an apostle with conviction.

"Easter morning made the hearts of the disciples beat faster ... it was for them a great and beautiful event. It came as a surprise, because every true mystery has that effect on a person. It was a truly joyful moment, but difficult to comprehend", the Archbishop noted. In his opinion the disciples then helped Mary -- the Mother of Consolation, venerated in the mystery of her Immaculate Heart, who reminds us that the Risen Jesus is close to every person, shortening the distance between human hearts.

Archbishop Migliore recognized how the Resurrectionist charism reminds people that God's love towards men is "merciful and unfailing". Remembering the day on which their Founder 175 years ago was born for heaven, he expressed his desire that the Resurrectionists would be always "dedicated to the matters of God", and would experience authentically their own person resurrection and that of the people to whom they are sent. 

The anniversary ceremony was attended by many Brothers and Sisters of the Resurrection, including Polish Provincial Fr. Krzysztof Swół CR and former Provincial Fr. Wiesław Śpiewak CR (who on this same day was announced as the new Bishop of Hamilton in Bermuda by Pope Francis). Also present were local parishioners and students of the Bogdan Jański Elementary School of Winnica, as well as the local Scouts with their banners displayed. The ceremony concluded with a congregational singing of the Te Deum.


Posted on Jun 2015,

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