Resurrectionist Renewal Program in Rome

Resurrectionists from various parts of the international Community gathered at our motherhouse in Rome from June 15 to 27 for the Resurrectionist Renewal Program organized by the General Curia. Eleven participants from Poland, Canada, USA, Brazil, Bolivia and Tanzania gathered for this special opportunity for ongoing formation, centered this year on the Year of Consecrated Life. Accordingly there were conferences and discussions on the prophetic vision of our Founder Bogdan Janski in today's world, our Gospel-based mission, common life, and each of the evangelical counsels which define the living of consecrated life. There were also special communal prayer times to experience spiritually the Paschal Mystery which is our special grace and calling. redem Mater

The location of the Renewal Program offered, of course, special opportunities to experience our spiritual roots as Resurrectionists: a Eucharist celebrated in the Catacomb of St. Sebastian, where our Founders made their first vows at the Memorial to the Apostles; an informal visit with the CR Sisters at their Motherhouse; and visits to other places associated with the early history of the Congregation. The experience of the universal Church was also enlivened by participation in a general audience with Pope Francis and a concelebrated Eucharist in a chapel behind the tomb of St. Peter in the crypt of the Vatican Basilica named after him. The group also enjoyed a rare insight into the Eastern Catholic side of our spirituality with a guided visit to the Redemptoris Mater chapel in the Vatican (above), where Fr. Lucjan Bartkowiak CR explained the patristic background and theological expression contained in the mosaics which were the work of the Centro Aletti in Rome, where Fr. Lucjan is studying and working as an iconographer and artist.

The group was able to share a special event with our seminarians of the Collegium Resurrectionis housed at the Generalate. At the Eucharist on Saturday, June 20, Superior General Fr. Bernard Hylla conferred the ministry of Acolyte on André Malta Martins CR, of our South American Region, and the ministry of Lector on Marcin Klimaszewski CR of the Polish Province. (They are pictured with their Rector, Fr. Evandro Miranda Rosa CR, Seminarian Leandro Buono CR and Brother Nucinaldo Bezerra de Arruda CR.)


Posted on Jun 2015,

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