Beginning of academic year in Morogoro


For the Resurrectionists in Tanzania, along with the beginning of the 2016/2017 academic year, a new chapter has begun in the history of our Mission. On September 23rd, the seminary community with its rector Fr. Andrzej Duda, C.R., returned to Morogoro to take up residence in the new formation house, recently built under the supervision of the mission superior Fr. Maciej Braun, C.R. The last seminarian to arrive was Brother Philip, who had stayed with his relatives a few days longer to help rebuild their home, destroyed by a recent earthquake.

Fr. Duda describes his first impressions: "We absolutely love our new seminary building, It may be small, but it is spacious and comfortable. We are all glad that we no longer have to live with another community, but instead in our own religious house of formation. We are currently arranging ourselves, and the seminarians are registering at the university."

Beginning the new academic year at Jordan Univeristy College, our seminarians will be studying in various programs. The newly professed clerics Joseph and Vitalis will begin a two-year program in Education and Religious Studies, and afterward will begin their philosophy studies. Our seminarian Philip, who has already finished his philosophy, will now enter his study of theology, while Yohana will continue in his second year of philosophy. We also have a postulant, Frank, who has joined the Community this year, who will begin the three-year course of philosophy. Brother Moses, who also has made temporary vows, will continue his juniorate formation with the community in Morogoro. 

We ask the prayers of everyone, that this work will produce its best fruit in the form of well-educated and religiously formed African Resurrectionists.

Posted on Oct 2016,

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